Stint noun - "a person's fixed or allotted period of work."

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About StintCoin

We are creating a better way for people to find odd jobs across the world.

There is a huge demand for people looking for short term jobs. While there is a huge demand, there are no reliable resources for people to find these jobs. We have worked hard to develop the perfect way for people to connect with each other in order to reliably, and safely, find new jobs across the world.

We have made our coin rewards reflect a high profitability model. With this model if people decide to transfer their coins onto an exchange, it won't completely de-value of the coin since the masternode collateral requirement will help offset dumping.

Coin Abbreviation
Coin Type
Proof of Stake & Masternodes
Block Time
60 Seconds
MN Collateral
3000 STINT
75% Masternode / 25% Staking
POS Staking Age
60 minutes
Block Height
Block Reward
250,000 (Jobs/Bounties)
2 - 5000
5001 - 21000
21001 - 34000
34001 - 56000
56001 - 76000
76001 - 132000
132001 - 166000
166001 - 280000
280001 and higher

Join Our Mission In Making Side Jobs More Reachable

We want to push for a better platform for everyday people to find additional sources of income, and earn StintCoins on top of regular FIAT at the same time.

Why You Should Back StintCoin


Masternodes support our network's transactions and for this reason they receive 75% block reward for their support


Along with Masternodes, we encourage people to Stake their wallets. We have a great 25% payout for those supporters

Additional Income for Users

When users complete jobs they will get additional income in the form of StintCoins. These will be taken from the total supply available.

Generate Coin Value

When users create jobs, there will be a small fee. This fee will be used to purchase actual StintCoins, therefore, generating increased value of coins.

Community Input

We want our project to be pushed by our community, so we will always be open to any ideas on how to push our project further.

Platform For A Better Tomorrow

Our system will enforce a rating system and customer feedback so you know who you can trust while completing a job. This system is crucial for the users to feel safe about who they choose to help with a project or job.

Our Roadmap Goals

December 2018 *All Completed*

Release the website, whitepaper, wallets, and have first mobile app design concept available.

January 2018

Getting listed on Exchanges along with advertising on various MNO and Social Media websites. We want to begin production on our Alpha version


February 2019

Full live beta version of our app made available to everyone. We also want to look into having a Website version of this platform available as well.

March 2019

Full version release. We want to also look into additional marketing options to expand to other countries.


Development Screenshots

Pre-Sale Distribution

25% Listing in exchanges and MNO

10% Development wallets Android/iOS

25% Development for app

40% Global marketing campaign and bounties



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